Friday, February 6, 2009

A few more words of explanation...

The email given at the top of this blog refers to an 'another287' rather than 'pfgpowell'. That is the last remnant of the original plan to launch a anonymous blog. At school when the names of teams were posted, if the 12th man (in a game of cricket) or the sub in a game of rugby had not yet been decided, he was listed as A.N.Other - 'another'. Geddit?
So here 'another' was due to stand for 'everyman'. However, what with 9 billion people in the world, of which apparently 8 billion are now Google subscribers, the email '' was taken. So I have resorted to 'another287' as my name. The '287' was my number at school I would change it back to pfgpowell for this blog, but unfortunately Google's system won't let me in as far as although that account has now been deleted, the name 'pfgpowell' is now 'unavailable'. Just thought I would clear that up for those who dislike loose ends.
Coming up: why Sweet Peas aren't 'peas' at all, and who put the hole in doughbuts. Be back right after this word from my sponsor. (Cue cheesy ad music.)

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