Saturday, February 21, 2009

Elsie takes to the kitchen ...

Today my daughter Elsie is planning to cook my wife's birthday meal, and what she lacks in experience, she certainly makes up for in enthusiasm. Getting the necessary ingredients for the meal has so far taken two shopping trips and just now a third up to the village to get some strong white flour.
On the menu are Potato and Leek Soup with homemade rolls, Pasta with Tomato and Basil, and for pudding Fresh Fruit Salad with Cream or something called Sticky Mud Pie.
Elsie is preparing it all with her best friend Ruth and Ruth came shopping with us yesterday on our second trip. The financial damage so far — and quite how I have yet to discover — is about £40. At first Elsie and Ruth planned to offer two soups and two main courses — Tomato Soup and Roast Chicken were also to be on the menu — but I persuaded her that less is often more and she might be taking on too much.
Here is a short video of the two shopping.


  1. That was very sweet, i know and understand everything now. Tonight is my daughters 20th
    birthday party, i am having 40, 20 yr olds. I am the only adult. Im on skpye because my girl friend from florida wanted to see the party and my dress.
    best to you

  2. looks like tesco to ,,,,,oh how i miss tesco
    and the moors.....

  3. Saturday, February 21, 2009
    Quests or Conquests...

    Well, I've decided to become Carrie Bradshaw. I am going to write a singles column
    on Sex in Charleston City. I am newly single and 54 yrs old!!!! Scary!! but it was
    my choice and I might as well make a positive out of a negative.... so here we go
    Match and all.
    I am no newcomer to being single. I have been married 7 years and 19 years!!
    combine that and I have been married 26 years which is probably almost all
    my adult life....I am used to a man in my life. I am used to regular sex.....sorry
    but its true. I like men and hate men. What an anomaly I am. Or maybe not.
    I like having the opposite sex around and I like talking to them, but do I love
    being with the same person for ever???? Maybe if I would find a man that
    treated me wonderfully and I felt like they wanted to be with me forever....
    I guess I haven't felt like that or I wouldn't be in the situation I am....
    So Carrie Bradshaw, should we buy shoes or find men?? Or think about
    marriage deeper, than I am suppose to take the good with the bad, And I
    did that, I took the baddddd and the good. but I still couldn't take it forever....
    so here we go again... Patrick I miss you... I seem to love British men I don't
    know what that is about, but I don't want to give up on it yet. I love the
    whole British thing and only my best friends will understand why and
    being this a B rated Blog , I can probably only publish 1/2 of why I like
    British men, but John Murrow, would remember me whispering in his
    ear, why I like them, though that could probably go for all European s.
    But that is only the small (large ) part of why I love British men. I have
    always felt British, Im sure Amy and many of my friends understand
    or try to understand it, because they know it is here we go again
    looking for Mr. Big, and I hope it is not him, because he gave Carrie so
    much Shit , I dont want to go through that, I would just love to find a
    wonderful man who loves me to death!!! and lavishes me with everything
    I love and he loves and we live happily ever after....end of Part I>

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