Saturday, February 7, 2009

The burning question - a short film for fidgetty Phyllis (such a girl, what would we do without her?)

Something to keep you amused while you are waiting.

(And in today's Italy v England Six Nations international, the Italians are tackling well, though losing badly. They almost just scored now. And since writing that, they just have. All four of England's tries came from Italians mistakes, and England are hopeless. I look forward to Italy, who play well and with passion, finally winning a few games. By the way, since when was Gary Mclean an Italian name. It is now.)


  1. Stop,Torturing me........kate
    Alright, Ill wait while you watch
    your football....since it seems to
    relax you.
    don't want to give you anymore stress,
    than you already have.....