Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sexy accents — there's at least one for all of us. These are mine

Apropos nothing at all, I was walking out of the office yesterday and walked past one of the temps who is standing on for the specialists' secretary. She was talking on the phone and had a Northern Ireland accent. And that gives me the opportunity, dear readers, to inform you just how sexy I find the Northern Ireland accent. It does things for me. I could listen to a woman with a Northern Ireland accent all day long. And if we were in bed together, I would encourage her to talk, talk, talk. Another, equally as potent accent, is the Lancashire accent. She, too, would be implored by me to talk, talk, talk.
Now I must go and lie down.

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  1. I dont see anything written here about a Midwestern Accent from America....anyway, hi
    i just received your email from 2/21 this morning on 2/27. I dont know what is up with the emails, so i thought i would respond here.
    Though i will try and send an email just to see if you get it.
    I understand everything you said, i didnt know about that brother, you never told me about him, hope all is ok with that, where does he live?
    As you said, maybe i misiterpreted anger for
    something else, but an underlining something was there, in our conversations, and again, maybe we should not just go there. Just be you
    and live your life, i is not any of my business. I am getting on with my new life here, for what it is. Working harder, staying busy with the girls here. etc. Hopefully it will get warmer soon and i will get out more.
    i will write more later, and try to email, i am off to work now