Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And earlier that night . . .

This footage was taken at the Mall Galleries on The Mall in London. (For those who know London, the Admiralty Arch is one end, Buckingham Palace the other. Not that that is in any way relevant.) I had arranged to meet an old schoolfriend there, and he suggested the Mall Galleries because his son's girlfriend, a fashion photography student was, with her classmates, holding an exhibition there. Next door was similar exhibition of students on a course of fashion journalism (which to this cynic is just another, albeit more imaginative way of parting suckers from their money, in this case an even more reprehensible act in that these suckers are even younger.)

15/2/09 UPDATE: Above is a new and improved version of the video, with all the bells and whistles which make an exercise in pointlessness so worthwhile. It is grandly - rather too grandly - entitled Significance, solely because there is none. NB I don't appear in it at all, mainly because I am the chap doing the filming. I suppose I could have made sure I appeared by filming a mirror, but there were no mirrors and, anyway, just what would be the point?

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  1. Thanks, for taking me with you, tonight, it looks like something my daughter in chicago, would go to or put on. she graduated from the chicago art institute 2 yrs ago, and though she is gainfully employed, she still puts on art shows for friends she went to school with who are artists and don't have business brains, she curates the show, gets Alcohol Sponsors and does all the PR. All for a fee of course.
    a quote from one of her shows.....
    My friend Lindsey Delahanty curated the show—called “Are You Serious?”—with photographer Jason Lazarus. The press release says it was designed to “investigate artists who work within the discourse of the contemporary art world while circumventing stylistic trends in their work.
    Sorry, proud mother that I am.
    Hope you had fun and are feeling better