Thursday, October 22, 2009

A third laptop (which is something of a luxury), a second set of the same faults on my first laptop, and a missed opportunity to be unethical

Having sailed through rather choppy waters these past few days, this blog is pleased to announce that the following topic is neither controversial, indiscreet or even interesting. (And would someone please tell me an easy way to distinguish between the distinct meanings of 'discrete' and 'discreet'? I only know, unhelpful as the knowledge is, that one doesn't mean the other, and whether or not I have used the word I want to use in the correct manner, whether I have used the incorrect work correctly, or vice versa (if you see what I mean, and if you do, tell me because I don't) — pause for breath — I really do not have a clue). (Furthermore, I have just used a set of parentheses within another set of parentheses, and I am certain that such usage is completely unacceptable, and if not unacceptable, at the very least unconventional. Wasn't it Eugene T. Mahlzeit who said . . . (cont. P 94 and back to more mundane matters).) (Note the correct positioning of the full stop between the two sets of end parentheses.)
My laptop, or rather one of the three laptops I now own is playing up. It is the 12in iBook G4 which goes with me on my travels. I also have a 15in Powerbook and last week bought a 14in iBook G4 with a view to selling this one. You see the cursor keeps freezing and the problem has been getting worse. So I reasoned that if I sold this one before the problem has fully set in, I could shrug it off as a 'new' problem if and when it reoccurred when the new owner had taken possession. Not very ethical, I know, but then I have never pretended to be ethical. However, now I won't even get the chance to be unethical becsause the fault is so regular that I could never pretend it had only 'just' started once the laptop had left my hand.
One of the two faults is that the airport card goes missing. Oddly since it has been going missing, the problem with the freezing has not yet happened. You and I might think the two were related, but MacMan Lee, the Mac repairer who took £80 off me just over four weeks ago for apparently correcting a very similar fault by installing a new - he says - airport card says they cannot be connected. Well, he would, wouldn't he.
I bought the second laptop last week and picked it up on Tuesday. I shall have to do a fair amount of creative thinking in order to slowly introduce it into this household as having a bigger screen and generally looking bigger, I can't pretend it is this one. My dilemma is that every time a bill arrives - and over these few weeks what with buying another car rather than MoT the old one, the electricity bill, the MoT bill for my wife's car and the car tax - I engage in a fair amount of moaning and complaining. Buying a - third - laptop for £253 lays me wide open. 'Well, if you can afford another laptop you don't need, you can certainly afford to pay the bills' is an accusation which it would be hard to defend oneself against. Do you see my point? I do so hope you do, because I shan't be getting much sympathy from this side of the fence.

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