Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't count your chickens - you never know, one might get away

Well, it all went well for a day, then this morning, while adding 'labels' to my previous entry on how my laptop is behaving again and underling the imperative of smug gits such as myself thanking God for his small mercies, it bloody happened again. Sod's Law — freezing bloody cursor. This really is irritating because my plan was to sell it while the going was good, but — all pretensions to being a complete unethical cunt notwithstanding — I wasn't going to do so until a week or so had passed without the cursor freezing. Oh, bloody well. See how this thing pans out. Onto other matters: dawn broke, and I kept a sharp eye on the clock. Seven o'clock followed six o'clock after exactly 60 minutes, so all is otherwise still well in the world. Further clues that today is shaping up not to include any more unpleasant shocks: the fridge is still quite cold, I turned on the cold water tap at the bathoom sink and water came out, and Justin Webb on Radio 4's Today still sounds like a rather smug git (so that would be two of us).

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