Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogging: when will it end?

This blogging is getting to be a habit and it seems that so far I have written 419 entries this week alone. When will it end? What will end it? Death? Bankruptcy? Can people (either of them) really find any satisfaction at all in reading the inconsequential dribblings of a washed-up hack whose only gift is knowing more than the average joe about where to put the commas? I hope so.

NB A while ago, I started an entry about 'how the Left works' and got so carried away that I never got around to finishing that particular strand. So if you are getting bored with my interminable account of how over the years cars have got the better of me, stick with it: and exposé of the fiendish Left is still to come.


  1. Let's maybe start a new subject, though I love British (classic) cars
    which yours are now!! No hint at your age, ( im close enough to your
    age) and lets not go to the Left, we are all already there. Lets pick something new, how bout some photos to and from work, and london, and the Mail......for example. Or how is Amy Winehouse doing these

  2. You’ll never guess who I had buy my minicab the other day. Yeah, that blogger from Cornwall…

    It doesn’t take much to realise where you’re going: Tottie, crumpet, cream tea, pilchards on toast, Marmite soldiers, dippy boiled eggs & deep-fried battered Mars bars; possibly strawberries in chilled ether or madeleines? Your blogs will be awash with nostalgia for comfort food.