Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My cars: a short guide. Part III - addendum (and a PS)

A reader has written in with comments about the 1300 and my guitar, so I thought I might add a little:

1) The 1300 was a great shagging car. The back seat was almost flat and the car was quite wide, so you could get quite comfortable and shagging was a dream. It was not a dream in the Corsair, on the other hand, which had a terrible back seat.

2) To date my musical career has still not taken wing. On guitar on know several jazzy sounding chords (tho' I can never remember their names), so I am capable of a certain amount of bullshit playing. However, I never play when I know there are guys around who really can play the guitar as they would spot the bollocks within a nanosecond. Like many things, the more you practise, the better you get, and unfortunately I am something of a gadfly as far as that kind of application is concerned. But to put these things into perspective, I did jam (on separate occasions) with both Jimmy Nail and Sting, but was unimpressed with the talents of both so nothing came of these matters, so, not to put too fine a point, they blew it.

NB I twice got drunk with Black Sabbath, the first time just after Ozzy Osbourne had left, and the second time when they had hired a new singer. On that second occasion I also had a spliff or two, which led to the embarrassing situation when the band invited me to hear a couple of new tracks, but, as usual when I had mixed my drinks - beer and spirits - and then had a smoke, I began to feel very sick, so I ran out of the rehearsal room into the john and was very sick for the next hour or so. On both occasions Black Sabbath were staying at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth and I was nominally a British correspondent of some US rock newspaper or other, which is how I got the in with Black Sabbath. For the record, spliff in hand or not, drunk or not, Black Sabbath's music has never done and never will do anything for me.

PS I should like my correspondent to consider adding content to the blog I know he has registered. I can assure him he will enjoy setting down his thoughts.

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