Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Message to Kate

Kate, less hope of a shag than you might think, and I must admit I am rather whistling in the wind. It was raining yesterday so texted, hopefully, suggesting a drink (I was on the ball enough to get a mobile - cell - number) but have had nothing in reply. By the way, can´t seem to find your email address. I was going to email you to congratulate you on your engagement. Could you send it to me, assuming you still have mine?
Who is the guy? I was following the progress of your dates on a new blog you started, but that has since disappeared. Get in touch.


  1. same as always,
    do miss your witty reparte, glad your back to your
    old self.

  2. see new, rather new blog, with photo

  3. engaged to retired plastic surgeon, couldnt wait for you for
    the next 10 yrs now could i.
    best to you