Saturday, September 26, 2009

A few pix (tho' nothing special. Sorry)

After paying an arm an a leg to use the internet terminal at the hotel, and having to discover awkward ways to get piccies onto this blog (if you remember it involves the combined brain power of several Nobel Laureates and a memory stick, the memory stick being optional), I have discovered a pub which provides free wireless internet if you are a customer. That means you could surf all day for the price of a coke, except, of course, that you would be drinking rather more than one coke. The pic of beach umbrellas, taken just after a rainstorm, or just before, I really can't remember, could also be Anywheresville. The one I like, because that is the kind of thing I do like, is the one, white and light brown/pale savannah/Lord knows what that colour is called, of steps leading down from the hotel.
While writing this, I have also been uploading pix, and they are everywhere. For example, the one at the top wasn't supposed to be at the top, but experience (quite recent, actually as in a few minutes ago) has taught me that dicking about trying to put things right simply cocks it up even more. Here, should be the last two mentioned, except that where they end up on this page is any one's guess. Anyway, here are a few pix taken over these past few days. Three, taken on the ramble we went on yesterday, are pretty nondescript and could well have been taken in North Cornwall. But that isn't the point. The point is that they were taken in (on?) Ibiza and are thus 'authentic' and might thus qualify me for an Arts Council grant. And finally:

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