Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feeling a tad guilty

The sun has made its first appearance today, and I have spent the past hour chilling out on a sunbed next to the sea doing fuck all. And my more relaxed state got me thinking about my possibly uncharitable description of me fellow hotel guests. So, might I point out that in a previous entry of wrote - and consciously wrote - 'scrum' not 'scum'. The 'r' is all-important here, and means that I can look forward to merely being regarded in some quarters as a prat rather than burning in socialist hell.
I have resolved to smoke another cigar. Yes, I know I shoulnd´t and that a blocked nose and furry mouth will result, not to say what damage I might be doing to my heart (although Barry insists that nicotine is said to prevent heart attacks and claims, rather more dubiously that the health service is sponsored by Philip Morris) but, damn it, why not?
NB Almost all the others here, apart from being retired folk, seem to be from the North. Why? I should add that I am better inclined to Northern folk because they have a sense of humour, unlike the idiots in the 'Home Counties'.

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