Friday, November 20, 2009

A birthday lunch at Mr Stein’s of Padstow.

I am 60 tomorrow, and as a treat, our stepmother took myself and my sister to Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant in Padstow. (My sister has flown in from Istanbul for my birthday - it's not every day you are 60, in fact, it's only once in a lifetime.) The restaurant is every bit as good as it’s reputation. I had squid sauteed in chilli with something or other to start with bean shoot and coriander, then an Indonesian fish curry with various seafood and a green bean and something salad, passon fruit Pavlova and cheese. It was the second time I’ve been and it will most certainly not be the last. I’ve discovered that until March it is doing a special three-course lunch for £28.50 so I am considering treating myself again. (My wife isn’t all that bothered about food). If anyone reading this (Barry) wants to investigate the winter lunch special, the phone number is 01841 532 700. From From January 25 to February 12, the restaurant is also doing winter charity lunches in aid of Save The Children. This year it will only be £17.50. You can get more information here
My stepmother’s sister, who has lived in France for most of here life and my cousin are coming over for a few days before Christmas and we might have a meal at 15, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, which is also supposed to be very good.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, was hoping you would have recieved your birthday card from the Us of A. it was sent to the Daily Mail in care of you. Please be sure and ck out my blog with your birthday wishes,,,,, many happy ones of the Day
    best to you

  2. Happy birthday and hope you enjoy the many days that follow.


  3. Many Happy Returns, Patrick. Have great day. Next time I'm in Cornwall, I'll know where to take you for lunch.

  4. The rest. looks lovey, glad you had a great time, will be over in April
    for my birthday.
    Best to you